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Why Choose QualX?

Our hallmark is a proven ability to deliver. This translates to our:

  • Management Approach - Customer centric; provide direct, onsite operational oversight, responsive resource allocation, and ensure unity of effort

  • Workforce 

    • We hire qualified, capable, and experienced personnel that possess: 

      • Appetite - desire and enthusiasm​ for the work

      • Aptitude - full grasp of responsibilities and application of talent

      • Attitude - selflessness, inspirational

  • Financial Stability - Fiscal wherewithal to immediately support the startup and initial sustainment of the costs associated with the largest of contracts

  • Expandability 

    • We recruit to attract and retain the best and brightest and we use staffing services for added depth and geographic reach

    • We transition contracts with seamless continuity of operations. Our Leadership Team has transitioned more than 50 Government contracts including a dozen contracts that required on-boarding more than 75 personnel

  • Best Value - Produce high-quality, low-cost results and seize opportunities to deliver added value

  • Secure Reputation - The QualX name is trusted and our word is our bond

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