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Business and Management Support

QualX specializes in providing comprehensive logistical assistance and facilitation for executive programs including policy/strategic development and management; technical assistance and training; and conference meeting/planning.  Our staff members work closely with our clients to fully understand their goals, target audiences, and the often complex or specialized concepts and subject areas that characterize their organization, and we apply this knowledge to develop relevant solutions.  QualX uses experienced subject matter experts to deliver the knowledge, skills, and support needed for high-level performance and measurable results.  We are pro-active in looking for ways to economize yet still provide the highest value meetings to the participants.

Our business and management support services are aligned with industry best practices and include expertise in the following areas:

  • Executive Programs/Policy/Strategy Development and Management

  • Technical, Analytical, and Executive Level Administrative Support Services

  • Correspondence, Forms, Workflow Management and Administrative Support

  • Targeted Educational/Training Materials

  • Instructional Design and Content Development Expertise

  • White Papers and Policy Analysis Documents

  • Assessment and Evaluation Tools

  • Facilitation Services (Training and Meetings)

  • Surveys and Information-gathering Efforts

  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation Services

  • Learning Assessments

  • E-Learning and Web-based Solutions 

  • Content Planning and Development

  • Agenda Organization

  • Marketing and Communications Strategy Execution

  • Speaker Preparation

  • Theme Development

  • Site Selection

  • Online Registration

  • Logistical Arrangements

  • Event Outreach/Promotion

  • Conference Materials and Presentations (Print and Electronic)

  • Facilitation

  • Signage/Graphic Design/Illustration

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